Brief of Roberts v Gray

Brief of Roberts v Gray by Legum

Roberts v. Gray (1913] 1 KB 520

Material Facts:

Roberts was a professional billiard player who agreed to take Gray on a world tour playing billiards to teach Gray how to play billiards. It was agreed that Roberts will pay all the expenses associated with the tour and be reimbursed out of the money made on the tour. Whilst the contract was still executory, a disagreement ensued between them and Gray refused to embark on the trip. However, Roberts had already incurred some costs planning the trip. Roberts sued Gray for damages of €6,000


1. Whether or not Robert can bring an action against Gray for breach of contract.


1. Held that Robert can bring an action against Gray.

Ratio Decidendi:

The court ruled that the contract between Roberts and Gray was for the benefit of Gray, the minor and did not contain harsh terms. The contract was thus deemed binding on the minor and he was liable for breach of contract.