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The content of each course is neatly organized across three tabs: The notes, cases, resources tabs

Text to Speech

Legum leverages advanced speech engines to read notes, case briefs, and article summaries to you.

Video Integrations

In addition to text notes, Legum provides videos on various topics.

Embedded Links

When reading a note or case on Legum, click on embedded links to view constitutional and statutory provisions, and case briefs


Learning the law can be taxing. Legum allows you post discussions, join discussions on cases, topics, or even resources.

Make Own Notes

Whilst reading a case or a note, you can make and save your own notes directly on Legum.

Message from the Founder

As a law student, I understand the challenges and demands of legal education firsthand. That is why I created Legum - a platform designed to make the learning process more efficient and effective for students. With features like text-to-speech, animations, practice quizzes, and highlights, Legum is a comprehensive resource that helps you to overcome common obstacles and succeed in your studies.
Legum is a manifestation of a profound commitment to simplifying legal education for my colleagues, and I hope it can help make your studies easier.
I am always looking for ways to improve Legum and make it as helpful as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on+233245401099

Ziyaad Ibn Shiraz

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