Constitutional Law


Coup D'etat and Revolutions: A search for the validity of laws (Grundnorm).

Notes on the validity of legal orders. Discusses Kelsen's pure theory of law, criticisms, cases etc.


This note discusses the concept of constitutionalism with relevant scholarly insights, Ghanaian cases and constitutional provisions.

A Review of Barak's Formal Rule of Law

Barak in Begin and the Rule of Law discussed 3 types of Rule of Law. This note focuses on the formal rule of law.

Separation of Powers

This note discusses the concept of separation of powers, four assumptions underpinning the concept, and separation of powers in the light of case law.

Amending the 1992 Constitution

Examines amendment of entrenched and non-entrenched provisions, the role of the arms of gov't in amendment, the basic structure doctrine, limitations in amendment, and the need for amendment.

Introduction to Chieftaincy and Traditional Authority in Ghana

This note provides an introduction to the chieftaincy institution in Ghana by examining the meaning of chief and the evolution of the chieftaincy institution from pre-colonial times to modern Ghana.

Chieftaincy Matters and the Question of Jurisdiction in Modern Ghana

Examines the jurisdiction of various judicial bodies (courts, houses of chiefs, traditional and divisional councils) in chieftaincy matters.

Introduction to Constitutional Evolution (Ghana)

This note outlines various events that have shaped 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

The Company of Merchants, Letters Patent, and the Committee of Merchants

This note discusses the early periods of British involvement with the Gold Coast and the legal effects of the company of merchants, the letters patent, and the committee of merchants.

British Settlement Act and Foreign Jurisdiction Act

This note discusses the legal effects of the British Settlement Act and the Foreign Jurisdiction Act of 1843 in the Gold Coast