Quiz on Introduction to Directors of Companies in Ghana

1. A shadow director needs to satisfy all the following conditions except:

2. Which of the following definitions fit the definition of a director under the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992)?

3. A shadow director is in no way similar to a de factor director

4. A shadow director and a de factor are ‘directors’ without appointment.

5. Which case likened a company to a human body, and held directors to be the mind or will of companies?

6. Under which of the of the following conditions will a person be considered a director (properly so called) under Act 992?

7. The case of Kwapong v. Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board (consolidated) [1985-86] 1 GLR 7 established the following principles except:

8. Under Act 992, a shadow director and a de facto director…

9. Which of the following cases established that a company is liable for the acts of a de facto director?

10. Which of the following is not a reason why directors are the most important organ of a company?

11. One distinguishing feature between a shadow director and a de facto director is that:

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