Quiz on Relationship between a Company and its Directors

1. The acts of an individual director in his personal capacity can be an act of the company through any of the following, except

2. Which of the following is not a one of the relationships that exists between a company and its directors?

3. The acts of directors in their individual capacities are the acts of the company

4. Which of the following cases is not authority for the position that there is a fiduciary relationship between a company and its directors?

5. An example of a fiduciary relationship is an agency relationship

6. When directors are said to be agents of the company, the principal in that agency relationship are:

7. Like an employee of a company, a director is a mere employee of a company.

8. Which of the following cases held that directors are the mere agents or trustees of the company?

9. An agency relationship is the same as a fiduciary relationship

10. The company is criminally and civilly liable for an act of a managing director while carrying on in the usual way the business of the company.

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