International Trade Law


Introduction to International Trade

This note will discuss the meaning of international trade, its characteristics, the socio-politico-economic factors that affect international trade, the means of carrying out international trade, and the advantages and disadvantages of international trade.

History of International Trade

This note will discuss historical events and factors that shaped international trade and the current legal framework for the regulation of international trade. These historical events and factors may be broadly divided into those that facilitated international trade and those that inhibited it.

Introduction to the World Trade Organisation

This note will introduce the World Trade Organisation (WTO) by discussing its origins, objectives, functions, and the basic principles in WTO law.

Structure of the WTO Agreement

The WTO was established by the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organisation, simply called the WTO Agreement . This note provides an overview of the structure of the agreement.

The Institutional Structure of the WTO

This note discusses the various bodies or councils that make up the World Trade Organization. These bodies are contained in Article 4 of the WTO Agreement .